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Sunset Way Sunset Vale Clementi

History of Sunset Way, Clementi

Sunset Way estate, District 21 of Singapore where KI Residences reside comprises of a cluster of HDB flats and freehold private developments. Sunset Way is a subzone in the Clementi area. Clementi is a residential town and a planning area situated at the easternmost fringe of the western part of Singapore. Clementi borders Jurong East to the West, Queenstown to the east, Bukit Timah to the northeast, and Bukit Batok to the north.

Clementi area is named in honor of Sir Cecil Clementi Smith. Clementi Smith was the Governor of the Straits Settlements between 1887 and 1893, and a great Chinese scholar as well. Part of the Clementi area was covered by swamp while other areas were made up of villages with farms and cottage industries.

Sunset Way is somehow a hidden gem because many road users travel using Clementi Road heading to work, school or to Holland Village through Ulu Pandan road without noticing this estate. Most of those who know the estate are pet owners residing in the West due to the availability of various community pet related services in the area.

The current area where Clementi Avenue 1 sits used to be called Sussex Estate. The estate is named after the reputable Sussex county in England. The area was built in the mid 1950s to provide housing for the families of senior non-commissioned British officers. In early 1975, Sussex Estate was the only pre-development feature left in the area following the major transformation in Clementi but was later demolished in 1997.

A large area occupied by the Clementi Town used to be a military installation, Colombo Camp. The year the camp was started is not established, the only thing known about the area is that the Singapore Guard Regiment created in 1948 had its troops based there. After the regiment was disbanded in 1971, the Colombo camp remained standing for the next 4 years and was later brought down in 1975.

Clementi New Town was then developed around 1975 – 1979 in the area that used to be occupied by the camp. In a bid to develop the area to be self-sufficient offering various services and facilities, HDB started clearing the area in 1974 and resettling the affected villagers.

The steel truss railway bridge crossing to Sungei Ulu Pandan is one of the iconic landmarks in the area. The bridge was part of Jurong KTMB Railway Line that was built to facilitate the moving of manufactured products and raw materials between Jurong and Malaysia. The construction of the railway started in 1963, but the first train to use the line was in 1966. The part of the railway connecting to Jurong remained operational for close to 40 years until it was closed in the beginning of the 1990s. The disused tracks of the railway are an attraction site to the public, especially those who love photography, nature and history.

Today, the main residential district in Clementi area is Clementi New Town. The are is largely made up of landed properties which are mostly found in the West side. Bordering Clementi New Town are Clementi Avenue to the West, West Coast Highway to the South, Clementi Road to the East, and Sunset Way Estate to the North.