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Come September, first time HDB flat buyers can obtain some assistance from the government with respect to purchases of the new and resale HDB apartments.

Authorities’ move to assist first-time buyers begin families

In view of Singapore’s aging population and local work force, most government agencies have plans aimed at assisting young couples begin and grow their own families.

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong also has said his ministry and HDB will discuss additional information about how they’ll be helping first-time buyers return September this year.

Policy changes have been set up since 2017

As much as $50,000 for resale apartments, a $20,000 increase from the prior $30,000.
Let young couples aged at least 21 to apply for grants to buy a HDB apartment without worrying about if their limited revenue history will impact the grants and loans they’re qualified for.

Shorter wait intervals for new apartments of 2 and a half years, nearly half of the preceding wait span of 4 to 5 decades.

Some young buyers will be excited about these new steps as the shift in the quantity of Central Provident Fund (CPF) currencies which may be used for elderly resale flats supposed that prices may have grown.