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Within 10 years’ time, Queenstown will possess at least 5,000 new houses in its center; and as ancient as 2021, new starts might already introduce 2,060 of these to the industry.

2,060 new houses might be ready for launching by 2021

There are a total of 10 websites around tender. These are return 7,147 proposed components up to 6,600 sq m of industrial area and also a primary school. The whole diamond-shaped area that’s very likely to be the website for the 10 improvements and length a whole land area of 29 hectares.

New launches of HDB apartments in Queenstown rare

While Queenstown is a real estate and is popular with buyers and 7,000 or sounds just like a massive influx of new houses in the area, analysts state there might not be any cause for concern because this range of new units will be staggered over a lengthy time period and over many improvements.

This advanced understanding of the possible influx of properties in the region can still, nevertheless, serve investors and buyers’ interest well, however additionally, an individual will have to stay up-to-date together with the redevelopment strategies for the region.

Presently, a number of the costliest HDB apartments are located in Queenstown and 3,700 fresh ones will probably be finished next year. The previous Build-to-order (BTO) launching from the district had been November 2012 using 1,179 units found at Ghim Moh Edge.

Resale costs of apartments at Queenstown and also the coming Greater Southern Waterfront districts are expected to rise depending on the prevalence of possessions in or near these regions. Timing of those impending launches may, nevertheless, be the standards for possible fluctuations in market expectations.