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Revenue for the luxury section of Singapore’s housing economy is really on a high, because of greater interest in mainland Chinese, reported Bloomberg mentioning Colliers International Group.

By comparison, Hong Kongers bought just eight components.

The earnings figure is practically like the speed before cooling steps were released by the authorities in July 2018.

While some market observers anticipated the protests from Hong Kong to drive people there to buy land in the city-state, it seems that is not necessarily the situation.

“The boost in luxury home sales may be due to more China buyers looking for another from Hong Kong, though some might have shifted capital from China following the yuan was devalued,” said Tricia Song, Colliers head of search for Singapore.

“According to the available information, we haven’t seen any solid evidence to indicate a sharp inflow of Hong Kong cash into Singapore residential properties. But, we notice that there’s more Chinese attention, especially in luxury homes,” said .

The figures suggest that over precisely the exact same period, 75 flat units have been purchased for S$10 million, equivalent to all 2010.