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Comprising 2,724 units, Punggol Point Crown along with the next stage of Punggol Point Cove are slated for completion at 2024. The Housing and Development Board has said the 2 projects will be released available this month.

Two fresh Build-to-Order (BTO) housing projects across the shore districts of Punggol Point will contain layouts that hark back into the city’s history as a fishing village as well as of Singapore’s first zoos.

The Housing and Development Board has said that the 2 projects will be released available this month, reported Today Online.

Interested buyers are able to apply for two-room flexi into five-room flats once program opens to the 2 jobs.

Designs on signage, outdoor furniture and community dwelling spaces include animal and bird species formerly found from the zoo.

A distinctive animal-themed heritage walk, including storyboards containing advice on the zoo’s history, animals and visitors, may also be located at Punggol Point Crown.

Located close to the Johor Straits between the late 1920s and the early 1940s, the zoo planted approximately 2,000 birds and 200 animals, such as exotic creatures from South Africa, Australia and the USA.

It had been owned by William Lawrence Soma Basapa, a creature dealer who transferred the animals from his Serangoon Road family home into an 11ha website in Punggol to accommodate his expanding collection.

A key attraction throughout pre-war Singapore, the zoo has been popular amongst citizens and citizens.

At a nod to Punggol’s beginnings as a fishing village and later on as a fishing port, Punggol Point Cove will boast layout components regarding the sea for example waves and fishing baits.

Much like the kampungs of yesteryear, every block will include its courtyards. Sky bridges in the 10th storey may even connect the blocks, offering residents more distances to socialize.

The property will also be broken up into three zones — namely Beach, Forest and Contemporary. It is going to also have thematic gardens, although the blocks’ heights will be staggered, affording vistas of both Punggol Promenade along with the sea.